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How to really erase any drive — even SSDs — in 2016

You may already know that “deleting” a file does nothing of the sort. Securely erasing drives before you sell a computer keeps your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. Good news: it’s easier than ever to fully erase data.   There are easier and safer methods for erasing hard drives – including SSDs […]

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When Windows 10 breaks, don’t just blame Microsoft

By David Gewirtz for DIY-IT   It’s often easy to blame Microsoft for every flaw and failing in our Windows update experience. The fault, dear reader, may not be in the updates, but in our own installs.   TECH PRO RESEARCH Despite the laptop’s manufacturer warning that Windows 10 is not supported for the four […]

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Five cheap or free ways to make a PC faster

It’s 2016 and tech users have a plethora of different devices to choose from, ranging from tablets to smartwatches, yet the most commonly asked question to land in my mailbox hasn’t changed in over two decades.   “How can I make my PC go faster?” This is a question that’s been fielding for over two […]

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Google brings calendar reminders feature to desktop web

Users can now see their to-do list and schedule all in one place on their computers Google Calendar users now have the ability to add reminders from their desktop browsers that will follow them around to other Google services, thanks to a feature the company introduced Tuesday. People can now set reminders in other services like […]

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How to extend WiFi coverage throughout your whole home or office

Now that Wi-Fi is becoming an integral part of just about every new piece of consumer electronics, and even many appliances, it is more important than ever to have a usable wireless network throughout your home and office — and possibly your yard. Unfortunately, the typical ISP’s simplistic model of providing a single “all-in-one” modem+router+wireless gateway for your […]

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Laptop or Desktop?

Should I buy a laptop or desktop? Choosing between a laptop and desktop can be a difficult decision. The bottom line comes down to portability. If you will need or use the portability of a laptop, then it can be a powerful tool for you and worth the extra money. However, if the laptop will […]

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